Thursday, September 20, 2012

Genting SnowWorld Fun and Fashion

I'm crossing my fingers to be part of this trip. I can feel winter for a day. Woohoo! Feeling happy like a kid, huh?! Of course, I'll be in winter wonderland, Genting Snow World. AWESOME!

Now, thinking of what to wear? I've read in Herworld that bright blue is 'IN'. And this is beautiful.
And these are a few winter look. And a scarf, which I like, is a plus. Credits to Patty Laurel's blog.

And here is my cold weather look when I was in north of England a month ago. It was a cold summer. Coming from the 30-degree weather, this coldness is not yet normal to me. haha! To be fair, this year they say, has been a cold, rainy summer.
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