Friday, June 8, 2012

Prettify on Friday: Total Hydration BB Cream

Last 5th of June, I attended ZA's beauty workshop. The new product introduced is their Total Hydration BB Cream UV.

Take note, this product has 12-in-1 benefits. O-ha!
1. conceals dullness
2. conceals pores
3. creates healthy skintones
4. evens skintones
5. UVA
6. UVB
7. moisturizes skin
8. makes skin smooth and translucent
9. livens uo skin
10. non-sticky
11. brightens skin
12. perfects skin for make up

BB Cream Trivia:
- BB stands for blemish balm
- BB cream is a beauty product though some brands claim it's a skin care product
- BB cream is discovered in Germany, not in Korea which most of us think it is. It's Korea which introduced BB cream to other Asian countries

And the star of the workshop. Ta-da!

Please free to share what brand of BB Cream you are using and what you like about it. Have a beautiful day!