Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Best Things in Life are FREE 2

Cool! I'm lucky to win 2 pair of tickets this week from 2 different contests. Yay!

In one contest, the question is, 'what one item will you bring if you're stuck in an island?'. Well, gotta post a 'crazy' answer so I said I will bring a lamp 'coz it will keep me warm, give me light and I can rub the lamp. A genie may come out and ask me for 3 wishes. ;)

And here is my collagen supplement prize from one magazine. Yet to take this. See what's the effect on my skin after 2 months.

And here's a hand scrub I got from a hamper care of another magazine. Love the peach scent. Just what I need!

I love joining contests. Certified adik na'ko!
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